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H.L. Nabil Mohamed Tewfik Toussoun (18.4.1925-3.4.2021).

Son of H.L. Nabil Adil Toussoun (28.11.1886-27.7.1956) and Emine Sabry (—. 3.5.1925), sister of H.M. Queen Nazli. Grandson of H.H. Prince Djemil Toussoun Pacha (1.2.1874-25.8.1933) and of H.H. Princess Nimet Allah Tewfik ( 8.10.1881-6.12.1965). As Emine Sabry died when giving birth to Tewfik Toussoun, he was brought up by H.H. The Khediva Emine Hanim Ilhamy, his great grandmother known as the Khediva Mère or Valde Paşa ( 24.5.1858-18.6.1931). As well as H.H. Princess Nimet Allah Tewfik, his grandmother (8.10.1881-6.12.1965), daughter of The Khedive Mohamed Tewfik ( 30.4.1852-7.1.1892) and sister of the Khedive Abbas Hilmi II (14.7.1874-20.12.1944).

Tewfik Toussoun was educated at Cornell University, where he obtained a degree in agriculture. He then attended the University of California (UC) Berkley, where he obtained a PhD in Agriculture and became Assistant Professor in Plant Pathology. He then joined Pennsylvania State University ( Penn State) where he was first made Professor and then Emeritus Professor in Plant Pathology. He retired in 2005 at the age of 80. He was married to Barbara Dorn (3.10.1909-2.3.1989) and then to Joani Dunphy (1.28.1933-4.21.2011).

He had no issue but was wonderfully looked after in his later years and is survived by his step children Cris, Chantal, Bernard and Manon. Tewfik Toussoun died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 96 by which time he had become the Dean of the Mohamed Ali family. That position is now held by H.H. Prince Hussein Toussoun born 18.7.1937.

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